We Watch Your Cameras (VSaaS)

Benefits of Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSAAS)

With our VSaaS solutions, you can keep your existing camera system and allow Securiforce to monitor it using our powerful analytic features. Our monitoring station can adopt a variety of different camera brands into our software, allowing us to deter crimes before they happen. Why wait for an unfortunate event to occur and review the footage after the fact? With our technology, we can monitor almost all cameras and systems on the market, not just a specific brand.

Using its architecture, Securiforce can successfully adopt and integrate with 90% of available cameras in the North American market. Our team will perform an assessment of your current system, determine the quality and condition of each camera, and make suggestions accordingly. Using your existing camera system, Securiforce can use the power and value of its live video monitoring services to watch and deter crime before it happens. Our operators proactively look for events on your camera feeds rather than waiting for unfortunate events to occur and reviewing after-the-fact.

Cloud-based storage

Video surveillance often requires massive storage, which can be troublesome to manage. Cloud-based storage is perfect for this type of data management. We have cloud based solutions which can be shared with your security team.

Designated personnel can log in from anywhere and view footage on-demand, including on weekends or holidays, when foot traffic is light, but security still needs to be provided and the property still needs to be monitored.

This is one way that you can maximize technology and use your time in a more productive manner by freeing your mind of the worry that comes with safeguarding your most valuable assets.

Easy retrieval and sharing of the footage

Another great advantage of this technology and service we provide is that it is quite simple to find and share footage taken by your cameras.

Our software will allow you and your team to search by specific keywords or for a specific date or time stamp. You have the freedom to do what you want with the footage and each plan will be tailored to your disposal needs.


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