Solutions that we offer

Uniformed Security Guards

Utilizing the latest security technology, Securiforce guards are trained to be fast, responsible and proactive. All Securiforce personnel carry a valid security worker license, as required by the governing bodies. Securiforce personnel receive several hours of training before being fit for the field.

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Mobile Patrol Services

Securiforce has a dedicated Mobile Security Division operating 24 hours a day, in both British Columbia and Alberta. We utilize the latest technology to view real-time locations, in addition to the speed and idling time of all our drivers.

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Alarm Response Services

Securiforce mobile patrol officers are experienced in providing a quick response to an emergency while also reducing damage. Due to the large Securiforce mobile fleet, we often attend non emergency calls faster than police!

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Secret Shopping Services

Securiforce offers clandestine checks conducted by our undercover officers to ensure compliance with company regulations and Provincial/State laws. Our officers report back on the client experience from start to finish, as well as making sure ID requests are carried out in legislated environments.

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Fire Watch Services

Securiforce has over 15 years of experience monitoring various Fire Watch sites. Smoke detectors and fire panels are critical to ensuring a facility is protected from fire. Occasionally, these systems fail. Whether it is from an electrical outage or building maintenance, these failures leave a facility vulnerable to fire.

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Loss Prevention

TheTheft from commercial properties is the leading type of property crime. Securiforce has a strong background in providing clients with trained Loss Prevention Officers in British Columbia. Our Security Officers have excellent communication and reporting skills.

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Implementing Technology

Live Dashboard

Securiforce is a pioneer in the security industry when it comes to the utilization of innovative technology. We have seamlessly integrated industry-leading technology into day-to-day security guard services, allowing us to surpass our competitors in the quality and effectiveness of our solutions

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Security guard dynamic tracking

Dynamic Tracking provides an aerial view of the security guard operations occurring at any of your locations in real-time. It gives both Securiforce and the client up-to-the-minute location information. GPS history allows you to backtrack in time, making this tool essential for post-incident analysis.

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Guard Reporting Software

Securiforce staff complete hundreds of electronic PDF reports every day. Distributing critical information to you in real-time allows for informed security decisions to be made quickly.

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Security Analytics

For the utmost efficiency, decisions about security at your sites should be based on real-time data. Securiforce utilizes industry-leading technology within our operations to provide you with Incident analytics at your site. Whether that involves a door consistently being left open or vagrant removals, you will always know what is going on at your site after hours.

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24-Hour Operations Center

Securiforce employs a team of dedicated professionals, which are available 24-hours a day. We can dispatch guards and mobile officers to your site at your request. Our staff works closely with all clients to ensure all security needs are met. We can meet overnight requests or provide security solutions at any time during the day.

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Client Portal Access

Customizing a client portal allows you to access data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is one more benefit that allows clients like you to enjoy a comprehensive and user-friendly experience at Securiforce

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Ongoing Training – Development of personnel

Recruiting Strategy

Our reputation reaches and network throughout the industry and our markets have given us every advantage when it comes to attracting the best.We employ localized, focused advertising programs to encourage recruitment of staff that live close to their job sites.

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Criminal Records Check

As a legislated requirement of Security Officers in the Province of BC, all Security Applicants must comply with a criminal background check and Fingerprints through the Canadian Police Information Centre before a license is granted. We validate every employee’s license status on a monthly basis against The Solicitor General Security Programs on-line registration to ensure all our employees are in good standing and currently/validly licensed.

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Licensing and Selection

Before anyone can qualify for a security license, they must successfully complete a 40-hour Basic Security Training (BST) program, through a provincially accredited training school. This covers an Introduction to Private Security; Legal Rights & Duties; Control Procedures; Fire Prevention and Detection; Tactical Communication; and Personal Safety.

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Retaining Talent

Where we have clearly beat our competition for a long time is our uncanny retention record (very low turnover). This has been achieved by showing our employees respect and understanding; by living up to the values we hold our staff accountable to.

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