Commercial and Corporate Property

Securiforce have incorporated proprietary technology within every level of their security services, enabling them to get a strong foothold in the Commercial and Corporate property industry.

Securiforce offers security services to all types of office buildings through cities in British Columbia and Alberta. Securiforce uniformed security guards established a friendly and safe atmosphere for the commercial clients. For clients who prefer live video monitoring, Securiforce offers a 24-hour video surveillance center as well.

The guards  are able to engage the appropriate stakeholders, which includes managers as well as property owners. This is to ensure the correct security plan is structured to the exact needs of a client.


Video Surveillance Solutions

Securiforce understands that sometimes a guard is not necessary to keep a property secure. Because of this, Securiforce also offers cost-effective video surveillance solutions. The trained IT engineers will install HD smart cameras around your property, allowing the Securiforce monitoring station with the ability to view the camera feeds in real-time. This provides property managers and owners the ability to keep their property secure and watch multiple areas at once.


Security Analytics

Decisions about security at your commercial building needs to be based on real-time data. Securiforce has the latest in industry-leading technology which is implemented in our operations to allow trends to be identified. Comprehensive security analytics are generated, and they highlight important factors such as timing, areas, and days on which unwanted activity is identified. This assists clients in correct such activity.


Our security guard services always include:

Real Time 24-Hour Dashboard: To monitor the guards performance

24-Hour Operations Centre

NFC Scan Points: To ensure the guards integrity and productivity

Client Portal Access: For the client to view the security operation in real-time

Photo-verified PDF reports: The client is able to see what the guard is patrolling and watching


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