Event-Based Monitoring

Experience the power of event-based surveillance as a dynamic and proactive alternative to live video monitoring. At Securiforce, we offer cutting-edge monitoring software that incorporates artificial intelligence technology and video content analytics, seamlessly integrated into every camera deployed at your project site.

With these advanced technologies at work, our live cameras will only trigger human review when a pre-defined event occurs, ensuring that our trained security operators focus their attention where it matters most. As soon as an event is detected, the operator at the control desk receives an immediate alert along with a live video feed showcasing the precise location of the event. Additionally, a photo or video capturing the triggering event is provided for comprehensive situational awareness.

Empowered with this valuable information, our highly trained security operators can swiftly assess the situation and make informed decisions regarding the appropriate actions to be taken.

Our event-based surveillance solution is particularly well-suited for securing complexes and sites where a targeted and responsive security approach is essential, including:

Choose event-based surveillance from Securiforce and unlock a new level of proactive security, where advanced technology, expert human oversight, and timely intervention combine to safeguard your project with unparalleled effectiveness.


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