Event-Based Monitoring

While many security plans require live video monitoring, some do not. Securifoce realizes what plans work best in certain situations. so we offer an alternative proactive solution. A huge advantage of our monitoring software is that it utilizes powerful artificial intelligence technology in coordination with video content analytics.

This is a holistic approach that may be successfully applied to every camera being monitored at your project, site or property. Successfully applying these state-of-the-art technologies are done as the live cameras trigger human review only when a significant event occurs. A seamless transition of information follows as the operator is alerted at the control desk with a live video feed of the event location, as well as the video of what triggered the event. Based on this comprehensive information, the security operator can decide on what actions to take.

This approach provides different sources of information that help ensure data infused decision making takes place.

This type of monitoring is ideal for:


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