Securiforce has developed solar trailers specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of construction clients seeking a cost-effective and robust security solution. In addition to our solar trailers, we now offer pole-mounted versions, extending our capabilities to monitoring sites located in rural areas with limited access to power and internet connectivity.

Conventional power sources in remote rural areas often rely on diesel generators, which come with their own set of challenges, including frequent faults, unreliable communication services, and high operating costs. Moreover, these systems leave a significant carbon footprint. Traditional energy and power supply solutions exhibit low energy conversion efficiency and excessive power consumption.

Securiforce’s solar solutions provide a range of distinct advantages:

Our solar solutions are reliable and eco-friendly alternatives, effectively addressing the challenges faced in remote and power-constrained environments. At Securiforce, we prioritize innovation and sustainability to deliver efficient and effective site monitoring solutions for our valued clients.


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