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Our Distinctive Team and Commitment to Excellence

To further demonstrate our commitment to excellence, we provide our security personnel with ongoing training and education to ensure they stay up to date with industry best practices and remain informed of the latest security technologies. We also conduct extensive background checks and employ a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the most qualified and professional security personnel are hired to serve our clients, at both our certified monitoring station and in the field.


Securiforce runs a 24-hour operations center, ensuring seamless availability for our customers. At any given moment, clients can rely on immediate access to a dedicated team comprising Field Managers, Monitoring Operators, Corporate Service Managers and the Scheduling team.

Scheduling Manager – It takes the right kind of person with the right attitude and focus to manage the scheduling and communications between numerous clients and front-line personnel. Securiforce is proud to employ some of the top performing Schedulers in the security industry. Their expertise and dedication enable us to deliver coordinated and efficient communication, ensuring optimal service delivery to our valued clients.

Corporate Services Management – To ensure that our clients have a competitive edge, we are dedicated to ongoing research and development of industry-leading technology. Our team members have a strong background and experience in various software applications, which enables us to deliver innovative solutions. In addition, we have a dedicated Corporate Services role responsible for monitoring and maintaining the quality of the technologies deployed at our clients’ sites. This ensures that our clients benefit from reliable and cutting-edge technology that meets their specific needs.

Field Services Management – Our highly skilled team of Field Managers brings a wealth of expertise to the table, consisting of former law enforcement and security professionals with extensive military experience. Equipped with advanced training and exceptional situational awareness, they are adept at handling a wide range of security scenarios with utmost proficiency and effectiveness. Our clients can rely on their seasoned judgment and strategic approach to ensure the highest level of security and protection in any situation.

Monitoring Operators – At Securiforce, our Monitoring Operators are the vigilant sentinels of our Video Surveillance division. Tasked with the crucial responsibility of overseeing video signals, they possess the agility and precision to swiftly and effectively respond to any suspicious activity. Serving as the frontline defenders of remote monitored sites, our operators collaborate seamlessly with all other divisions at Securiforce, ensuring a synchronized and appropriate response. With unwavering dedication and expertise, our Monitoring Operators provide unparalleled security and confidence to our esteemed clients.


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