Live Video Monitoring

Why Live Monitoring?

In many residential and commercial applications, the importance of live monitoring can not be overestimated. The peace of mind knowing your property is being monitored by trained personnel is incredibly valuable and allows for prosperity and peace. Live video monitoring services can assist in achieving these optimal conditions by giving you the freedom and power to monitor what you value most.

There is much research that supports this idea and helps to create reasonable solutions to tough security challenges. Video surveillance tools have been scientifically proven to reduce crime. There is an important piece to this puzzle though and that is ensuring that the security plan is both designed and engineered to high standards.

Having a video surveillance plan has no value if it is not done properly and without the knowledge and wisdom of professionals. Securiforce has mastered the art of both the design and installation of state of the art equipment and are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, effective and economic services possible.

How it works?

Live video monitoring involves a team of highly trained security operators who constantly monitor a variety of video camera feeds in real-time. The Securiforce monitoring station utilizes Video Content Analytics (VCA), which assists security operators in detecting unusual activity across multiple cameras under their control. .

Securiforce is able to set “rules” which can target people, vehicles or both at once. If activity occurs that breaks a “rule” set, the security operator will be automatically alerted on their screen. The operator is able to take appropriate action based on the information that is available. Communicating via the two-way speaker system, using the Siren or dispatching police are all effective tools in the Securiforce arsenal.

Ideal for high traffic areas and projects without fencing:


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