Video Review & Analysis

Providing high quality security services is both an art and a science where a combination of technical know-how and deep intuition have inspired many of our security plans that provide unique and comprehensive coverage.
One of these services is our video review analysis. The professional reviewers pull hours of raw video footage from the local NVR and with that information are able to create a video highlighting any suspicious activity.
As an added bonus, these videos may be quickly sent to the client with a written summary. This feature prevents liability claims and will help add evidence to assist in having criminals prosecuted.

Monitored Hours
We do more than simply catching the criminals. Our professional team can play a vital role in the actual lawful prosecution of the criminals who attempted to violate your property. Our services provide you with a video review of the incident which will analyze, edit, and create a short story of the violation. These videos become important evidence and clues to crime which also can be shared with police, insurance companies and key stakeholders in the organization.

Non-Monitored Hours
Security plans sometimes are most vulnerable when you and your staff are present. We have found that crimes such as theft, vandalism, and accidents are quite common during normal working business hours. Our talented video review analysts are trained to expertly sort through specific footage and accurately report the results to the client. Our data shows us that the most popular application of our video review services include defending against fraudulent workplace injury claims, unlocked gates, and general site welfare. These concerns all added costs to your operations.


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