Video Review & Analysis

At Securiforce, we go above and beyond traditional security offerings by providing an unparalleled service: video review and analysis at no additional cost. As part of our commitment to delivering comprehensive security solutions, we understand the value of harnessing the power of video footage to enhance your safety and operational efficiency. Our team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technology and expertise to review and analyze video recordings, uncovering valuable insights and detecting potential risks or anomalies. By offering this service at no extra charge, we empower you to leverage the full potential of your video surveillance system, ensuring that every piece of footage contributes to your overall security strategy.

Monitored Hours

We do more than simply catching the criminals. Our professional team can play a vital role in the actual lawful prosecution of the criminals who attempted to violate your property. Our services provide you with a video review of the incident which will analyze, edit, and create a short story of the violation. These videos become important evidence and clues to crime which also can be shared with police, insurance companies and key stakeholders in the organization.

Non-Monitored Hours

During normal business hours, security plans can be vulnerable to crimes, accidents, and incidents. At Securiforce, our skilled video review analysts meticulously analyze footage to provide accurate reports. Our data highlights the effectiveness of our video review services in countering fraudulent injury claims, addressing unlocked gates, and ensuring site welfare. By addressing these concerns, we help minimize additional costs to your operations.


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