Securiforce has over a decade of experience providing security services to large various construction projects.

We have been the exclusive security provider for multiple mega projects. Each project came with its own unique obligations that Securiforce was ready to meet. We have a strong background working at townhome construction projects, bridge construction projects, hospital redevelopment construction projects and high-rise development projects.

Our solution for Construction projects:

Securiforce has a solution for all of our clients, which includes operating a 24-hour video surveillance center. For a cost-effective solution, Project Managers, Superintendent or Developers, should consider Video Surveillance solutions. A uniformed security guard is better for tasks a camera cannot conduct such as monitoring fuel levels or where internet/power is not readily available.

Securiforce is equipped with the resources to protect all types of construction sites.

At all of our construction sites, we include the following for free:

Health and Safety Management Plan

Securiforce ensures that our Health and Safety Management Plan is followed in order to mitigate risk, while also protecting the health and safety of workers and the public during construction.

Keys parts of Securiforce’s Health and Safety Management Plan include:

WHMIS certificates: All of our security camera installation personnel have their WHMIS certificates. These are received from governed entities that are licensed to train and provide them.
Fall Protection certificates: All of our security camera installation personnel have their Fall Protection Certification. These are received from governed entities that are licensed to train and provide them.

Builders’ Risk Insurance

Times are changing and smart business leaders know that staying one step ahead of the game will keep thing going in tough times. Crime is rising in Canada and especially in the western regions where the global popularity of the Vancouver area has led to increased property values demanding extra security to protect important investments and assets.

The construction industry has responded to this boom in demand and are a large part of this regional success that has created prosperity for many Canadians. With great success also comes great responsibility. The construction industry leaders who are truly concerned about their contributions to society will protect them to ensure their high quality. This is more difficult now than it has been in the past, as new threats are also present which demand added protection.

Builders’ Risk insurance has skyrocketed in recent years due to the business climate in this area of the world. These costs can be significantly offset by having a comprehensive security plan that meets the demand of the project.

When job sites are robbed and equipment is stolen, significant delays to the project can occur. This also brings big costs as well. The extra energy and time it takes to replace what was stolen takes focus away from the important construction tasks that need to be done.

Securiforce has decades of security experience for job sites of all shapes and sizes. Avoid the trouble and mess that can happen if you leave your job site unprotected and contact us to assist you in creating a custom plan for you.


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