History of Securiforce

Securiforce was founded at the turn of the century in the year 2000 by Romia Grewal, a knowledgeable and dedicated individual with a strong interest in the security industry. Recognizing the value of direct involvement in ensuring high-quality service, Romia personally engaged in the process of selecting and profiling security personnel suitable for the diverse range of businesses that Securiforce served at the time.

By adopting a hands-on approach and maintaining an unwavering work ethic, Romia achieved positive outcomes early on, securing one of Securiforce’s initial contracts to provide round-the-clock guard services for a large Supermarket store. Recognizing the unique demand for security services within the Retail industry, Romia capitalized on this opportunity and expanded Securiforce’s clientele to include various commercial stores. Despite the company’s growth, the principles established two decades ago remain just as relevant today.

Throughout our history, we have been recognized for our innovative thinking. Securiforce was among the pioneering security companies to integrate technology with guard operations, enhancing the performance and efficiency of our security personnel. Starting with a modest foundation of one employee and one contract, Securiforce has since established itself as a distinguished name and a prominent force in the security industry, serving clients across diverse sectors.

Under the guidance of Romia Grewal, our President and CEO, who has remained at the helm for the past 20 years, Securiforce has consistently experienced growth and profitability. We are proud to operate offices in both British Columbia and Alberta. Today, Securiforce stands as one of Western Canada’s leading security companies, dedicated to creating a safe environment for residents, visitors, and workers by employing passionate and devoted staff.


Years in Business

12 000+

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