History of Securiforce

The evolution of Securiforce has led to us to become an industry leader throughout Canada. Established in 2000, our company was built with the essential goal of providing security solutions throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

Our journey has been amazing. We started with two dedicated and determined employees and one contract that sparked our beginnings. Through hard work, determination, and smart training, Securiforce has established a strong reputation for providing top notch, high-quality security services and unparalleled management accountability. By serving thousands of important clients in our history, we have learned that by combining passionate security personnel, ongoing training, and leading-edge technology is the optimal approach. Securiforce has grown to become a full-service security company, offering a variety of different tailored solutions for clients in different industries.

The President and CEO of Securiforce, Romia Grewal, recognized that direct involvement is critical and indicates a higher standard of service. As a result, she was personally involved in meeting and profiling each individual security staff member Her involvement has led to the development of a high-quality approach that can be suitable for a variety of different businesses. Romia’s hands-on approach and tireless work ethic quickly garnered positive results, with Securiforce securing its first 24-hour guard services contract for a large Supermarket chain in British Columbia. This critical moment in our history established practical principles of success. Based on these same principles of direct involvement and always keeping a hands-on approach, Romia was quickly able to gain traction for security services within several key industries.

Even though Securiforce has grown to become a large employer of security personnel, the same principles from 20 years ago are no less today. We stand by our pledge to your security. Throughout our history, we have been known for innovative thinking. In 2007, Securiforce became one of the first security companies to combine cutting edge digital communication technology with guard operations, in order to increase performance and efficiency of security personnel. This has led to our strong reputation as being a leader in innovation.

Today, Securiforce is one of Western Canada’s leading security guard companies, providing a safe environment in which to live, visit and work by aligning ourselves with passionate and dedicated staff.


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