Crane Climbing Detection


Cranes can unfortunately be utilized as tools in criminal activities, such as break-ins and vandalism. The act of climbing cranes, known as crane climbing, poses significant safety hazards and can result in serious liabilities. It is crucial to recognize that these climbers’ trespass onto construction sites with the intention of scaling the large cranes located within the premises. While some individuals engage in this risky behavior for the thrill-seeking aspect, others are cunning criminals who exploit vulnerable security situations.

Protecting your crane is of utmost importance. As one of the most prominent, potent, and potentially hazardous pieces of equipment on any construction site, cranes can become dangerous weapons if not adequately secured.

Securiforce offers a range of effective solutions designed to safeguard cranes from trespassers and thrill-seekers. Our strategically positioned cameras are equipped with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. This empowers our security team to promptly respond and deter potential incidents. By aligning our modular cameras with the crane, we establish a comprehensive and thorough monitoring system.

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