Crane Climbing Detection

Cranes can be used as an accessory to crimes such as break-ins and vandalism. Despite serious physical risks, crane climbers can cause serious safety and liability issues. It is important to note that these climbers trespass onto construction sites and scale the large cranes positioned around the project. While some are thrill-seekers looking to get an adrenaline rush by putting themselves at risk, others are crafty criminals who know how to take advantage of vulnerable security situation.

Your crane needs protection. Your crane is perhaps the most visible, powerful and dangerous piece of equipment on any construction site. These are dangerous weapons if they are not properly secured.

Securiforce offers a variety of effective solutions to protect cranes from dangerous trespassers and thrill-seekers. Our strategically placed cameras are armed using the latest in artificial intelligence technology. This provides our security team to take immediate action and deter situation. Our modular cameras will be aligned with the crane, creating a total and complete monitoring system.

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