Our top-notch security plans offer comprehensive coverage of your construction project, providing a clear view from start to finish. To ensure optimal visibility and quality, our specially designed cameras are strategically mounted on elevated positions of adjacent structures or vantage points. This approach maximizes the capabilities of the technology, delivering the extensive coverage you desire and require.


Our approach to this security intervention begins with identifying the best location that allows for the service and maintenance of the cameras. This will ensure top video quality. By applying a custom-branded time-lapse video to these systems we offer detailed footage of what is occurring on your property. We also include a custom-branded web link with all photos taken with our cameras.


Our technicians can mount cameras up to 8K 32 megapixels (MP) on applicable vantage points, neighboring buildings, or cranes.


Securiforce inclusive monthly service provides the following value-added services:

  1. Daylight snapshots taken every 15 minutes, saved to Securiforce servers
  2. Cameras are serviced and cleaned to ensure top video quality
  3. Utilizing the various cameras to maximize capture size



Time-lapse videos are an effective way to market projects for construction companies wanting to showcase their projects. The videos are visually engaging and allow individuals to share them across websites and social media channels.


Project Management

Time-lapse cameras are excellent for project stakeholders and managers to document and monitor the progress of a job. Videos can be created at any time, day, or night. It also allows executives to make better informed decisions on what is occurring on the project.


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