No Upfront Equipment Costs

Many security companies require their clients and customers to purchase expensive, often unnecessary equipment. This leads to clumsy and confusing service and does not allow for much flexibility in your security plan.
We have learned in our many years of experience that for many customers their specific and unique security demands are centered upon having a peace of mind. That minds simple solutions are needed to create a strong and confident security plan that addresses all of your concerns.

Upfront costs are generally not warranted. Securiforce understands that clients generally have no use for the camera equipment once monitoring plans are changed, reduced or eliminated. Security is a fluid concept as new threats are constantly being developed and require new and creative solutions to deny these threats.
Technology changes rapidly and we update our equipment on a regular basis to help ensure that our clients are receiving the best service possible. For some of our clients this approach makes sense as well, however for many purchasing new equipment is simply not needed. This added benefit contributes to your sense of confidence and assures you mind, which are the goals of any valued security plan.

Because of this, Securiforce includes the cost of our state-of-the-art equipment, real-time monitoring, video review and software for one all-inclusive monthly rate, with no upfront costs. One low monthly fee, we take care of the rest.
This great advantage will help inspire you to maximize your resources and invest in upgrading your security in these changing and challenging times. Saving you time and money by not requiring these upfront costs will motivate you to protect your valuable property to the optimal levels.


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