Video Surveillance Solutions

Features & Benefits 

Maximize Cost Savings

With our monitored video surveillance system, clients can expect cost savings, reducing their monthly expenses by over 75% compared to traditional guard services.

Immune to Intimidation

Our operators are trained to make well-informed decisions without being influenced by intimidation, as they do not directly engage with potential intruders.

Free Assessment

We provide all of our important clients with a free document outlining potential security risks and our solution after a site visit. Take the time to invest in this free assessment to help you determine how you can improve your security situation and save costs.

Vertical Integration for Unmatched Pricing

Securiforce operates as a fully integrated entity within the security industry, enabling us to offer pricing that outshines our competitors. Our strategic alignment allows us to provide unmatched prices on our comprehensive security solutions. If you happen to find a better price elsewhere, we guarantee to beat it. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering practical and effective security solutions tailored to your specific needs. Let us assist you in safeguarding what matters most to you today.

Video Review and Analysis

Securiforce has a dedicated video review department that is available to you at your convenience to search for video evidence of incidents. This service is one of our most popular and helps our clients to achieve peace of mind.

Incident Reporting

Securiforce ensures prompt delivery of comprehensive incident reports and video clips capturing any occurrences on your property during monitoring hours. As soon as an incident takes place, you will receive a detailed report outlining the event, the actions taken, the parties notified, and the corrective measures implemented. This valuable documentation adds an extra layer of security to your operations, providing you with peace of mind and actionable insights.

Remote maintenance

One of the exceptional advantages offered by our company is our expertise in remote maintenance, ensuring rapid response times. This valuable benefit minimizes any potential downtime that may arise. Our skilled IT staff possesses the capability to diagnose, identify, and resolve technical issues remotely, often resolving them before you even become aware of their existence. With constant testing and vigilant system monitoring, we prioritize the stability and smooth operation of your project, providing you with uninterrupted performance.

Video Surveillance Solutions

At Securiforce, we prioritize a proactive rather than reactive approach to security. Unlike traditional systems that respond to threats after they occur, we believe in rejecting complacency and adopting a superior strategy to maximize your security resources. By taking proactive measures, we reduce false calls that can delay police response times and provide intruders with an opportunity to escape. Our innovative approach focuses on preventing issues before they happen, ensuring a practical and effective security solution.

To achieve this, we leverage live video monitoring services, enabling our professionally trained security team to monitor not only your property but also the surrounding area. This comprehensive surveillance allows us to make highly informed decisions before a situation escalates. We understand the importance of not waiting for alarms to be triggered and believe in eliminating potential dangers before they materialize, as it is the safest and most effective approach.

Our advanced technologies empower our security team to utilize “talkdown” speakers, effectively confronting intruders and compelling them to immediately leave the premises. Moreover, our 24-hour monitoring station enables us to provide live reports to the police about criminals in action, before any damage is caused or unauthorized entry occurs. This results in a swift “crime-in-progress” response, typically within 2-5 minutes on average. Rest assured; this rapid response will grant you the peace of mind necessary to optimize your security resources.

Two Important Lessons About Video Surveillance

Our professional team has accomplished many great tasks in the past two decades. Along the way , we have gained much wisdom and understanding regarding the value and benefit that video surveillance provides for businesses. You may be surprised to find out that video surveillance is an excellent investment and can provide added bonuses and profits to your work in ways you would not expect.

Lesson 1: Live Video Surveillance Can Reduce Your Insurance.

Insurance costs continue to rise as new challenges to society place demands on business to remain safe and secure. We understand this and have learned that many if not all, reputable insurance companies will consider lowering their costs to those businesses who have video surveillance systems. If you are paying too much for insurance or would simply like to save some money, we can help by providing the video surveillance system that you need.

Lesson 2: Live Video Surveillance Impacts Injury Claims.

The threat of lawsuits is a deep concern for many businesses. Cold winters and icy conditions place many businesses at risk for injury claims. There are also a few people out there that know that injury claims can be sure-fire winning lottery tickets and will take advantage of good-natured businesses that are vulnerable. One of the many advantages of having a video surveillance plan is that bogus injury claims and other scams against business owners can be eliminated. These scams cost Canadians over $1 billion a year and video surveillance can protect you and minimize these threats pose to your well-being

Advanced Video Analytics

At Securiforce, we leverage cutting-edge and dynamic technologies infused with artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver the highest quality security services. Our AI-powered systems enable our security team to track both visual and data elements of your site, creating a comprehensive and robust solution that sets the industry standard for maximum protection.

With AI at our disposal, we can effectively monitor various activities at your site, including scheduled maintenance visits, employees working on their off days, and routine service calls. This level of monitoring ensures comprehensive coverage, reducing the likelihood of false alarms and unnecessary dispatches. By accurately tracking and analyzing these activities, we optimize security measures while saving valuable time and money in the long run.

Our AI-powered solutions offer a seamless integration of advanced technology and human expertise, delivering unparalleled security outcomes. Trust Securiforce to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that our AI-enhanced systems are safeguarding your premises with precision and efficiency.



Advanced AI and Deep Learning

Advanced AI and deep learning algorithms in video surveillance automate activity detection, minimizing human intervention. These algorithms analyze live or recorded video footage, identifying unauthorized individuals, suspicious behavior, and objects. AI enables simultaneous monitoring of multiple cameras, ensuring comprehensive surveillance. Significance lies in improved accuracy, real-time response, scalability, cost-efficiency, and advanced analytics, enhancing security and safety.

Security Analytics

Securiforce provides cutting-edge technology for real-time incident analytics, helping clients improve security operations and resource optimization. Our security analytics identify patterns in unwanted activity, aiding incident response. Data-driven reports optimize security operations, manage resources, and protect assets, improving performance and bottom line.

ULC Certified Monitoring: CAN/ULC-S301

Securiforce’s ULC Certified Monitoring Station adheres to CAN/ULC-S301. Our advanced facility ensures unwavering reliability and professionalism, safeguarding clients’ security. With cutting-edge technology and the highest caliber of expertise, we provide unparalleled protection, offering peace of mind to our valued clients.

Types of Video Analytics we utilize:

1. Intrusion-detection analytics: This advanced feature enables the identification and tracking of individual objects, including humans and vehicles as soon as they enter a monitored area. It promptly alerts security operators when a human or vehicle enters a predefined zone and can also track objects left behind or removed from the scene.

2. Line-cross detection analytics: Particularly valuable in situations where intrusion-detection may not be as feasible, such as complex environments or areas with limited visibility (e.g., construction sites), line-cross detection promptly triggers an event when a person or vehicle crosses a virtual line. This method is effective for securing exterior perimeters. It promptly alerts security operators when the virtual line is breached, and tracks objects left behind or removed from the scene.

Advantages of
using Analytics

  • Cost reduction or elimination of security guard expenses.
  • Optimization of operational processes through the creation of customized rules and scripts.
  • Proactive threat prevention with features like direction, object tracking, and loitering analytics.
  • Immune to intimidation.
  • Elimination of the risk of human fatigue.
  • With these advanced analytics capabilities, we deliver heightened security efficiency while simultaneously addressing potential cost and operational challenges associated with traditional security guard deployments.

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