Video Surveillance Solutions

Features & Benefits 

Save Money

Using our Monitored video surveillance system, the average client saves more than 75% in monthly costs compared to a security guard.

Cannot Be Intimidated

Since our operators do not directly engage with possible intruders, they are able to make informed decisions with intimidation being a factor.

Free Assessment

We provide all of our important clients with a free document outlining potential security risks and our solution after a site visit. Take the time to invest in this free assessment to help you determine how you are can improve security situation and save costs.

Price-Match Guarantee

Securiforce is vertically integrated within the security industry. This alignment allows us to provide pricing that cannot be matched by competitors. Find a better price? We will beat it by up to 15%. Let us help create the most practical solution for your security needs today.

Video Review Services

Securiforce has a dedicated video review department that is available to you at your convenience to search for video evidence of incidents. This service is one of our most popular and helps our clients to achieve peace of mind.

Incident Reporting

Securiforce will deliver reports and video clips of any incidents that have occurred on your property during monitoring hours, immediately after its occurrence. The incident report outlines what has occurred, what steps were taken, who was notified and how the problem was corrected. These detailed reports will create added levels of security to your operations.

Expiring Video Hyperlinks

Our trained security operators can send you a temporary link to view any video events that have occurred at your site. The time of these links are limited to meet legal and risk requirements.

Archived Video Storage

The ability to save and archive footage will provide you with a secure way to preserve key and vital footage. Securiforce offers a minimum of 6 weeks of video storage.

Remote Maintenance

Another great feature of our company is our ability to conduct remote maintenance. This benefit will provide you with the quickest response possible. This will minimize any downtime that may occur. Our IT staff is often able to diagnose, identify and repair technical problems remotely without you even knowing an issue has occurred. We are consistently running tests and monitoring for system stability for your project.

In-Depth Training

Training will enhance all your security interventions. Having a deeper knowledge about how we provide security and blend all or our services into a tailored package will create value for your business, home or investments. Our field engineer will train your entire team, so you are completely familiar with the use of your new surveillance system.

Video Surveillance Solutions

We’re Proactive, Not Reactive

Traditional security systems will respond to threats after they have happened. Proactive systems that reject the idea of complacency is the superior strategy in maximizing your security resources This approach will reduce the number of false calls which delays police response times and also allows intruders more time to get away. Securiforce takes this proactive approach by reworking the traditional notions of security and preventing issues BEFORE they happen. This makes sense and is the practical route to take.

Conceptualizing this proactive approach is enhanced with live video monitoring services. Our professionally trained security team will begin to monitor activity near your property, not just on it. This allows us to make highly informed decisions before the situation escalates. Experience has taught us that we should not wait for an alarm to be triggered and eliminating danger before it happens is the safest and effective route to go.

The technologies that we employ allow our security team to use “talkdown” speakers to confront intruders. This effective tactic compel intruders to take notice and then leave the property immediately after. The added benefit of our 24-hour monitoring station provides us with the option to call police with a live report on criminals, before they causing damage or entering the property. This results in a “crime-in-progress” response – which is about 2-5 minutes on average. This is quick response will give you the peace of mind you need to optimize your resources.

Two Important Lessons About Video Surveillance

Our professional team has accomplished many great tasks in the past two decades. Along the way , we have gained much wisdom and understanding regarding the value and benefit that video surveillance provides for businesses. You may be surprised to find out that video surveillance is an excellent investment and can provide added bonuses and profits to your work in ways you would not expect.

Lesson 1: Live Video Surveillance Can Reduce Your Insurance.

Insurance costs continue to rise as new challenges to society place demands on business to remain safe and secure. We understand this and have learned that many if not all, reputable insurance companies will consider lowering their costs to those businesses who have video surveillance systems. If you are paying too much for insurance or would simply like to save some money, we can help by providing the video surveillance system that you need.

Lesson 2: Live Video Surveillance Impacts Injury Claims.

The threat of law suits are deep concerns for many businesses. Cold winters and icy conditions place many businesses at risk for injury claims. There are also a few people out there that know that injury claims can be sure-fire winning lottery tickets and will take advantage of good-natured businesses that are vulnerable. One of the many advantages of having a video surveillance plan is that bogus injury claims and other scams against business owners can be eliminated. These scams cost Canadians over $1 billion a year and video surveillance can protect you and minimize these threats pose to your well-being

Advanced Video Analytics

Our cutting edge and dynamic technologies take advantage of artificial intelligence to aide our security team in providing the highest quality services. Artificial intelligence gives our security team the ability to track both visual and data elements of your site. This combination is the industry standard that maximizes your protection. Whether it is scheduled maintenance coming to your site, employees working on their off days or routine service calls, Securiforce is able to track and monitor all of these activities to blanket your coverage. This reduces the probability of false alarms and dispatches and will save you time and money in the long run.

Proprietary Software

Camera health monitoring

Our software allows our IT engineers to detect device issues as soon as they occur. Whether the NVR goes offline, or a camera displays an error, we are able to swiftly gather information and adjust bring all the systems back online. Our IT engineers are available 24 hrs to solve problems at any given time.

Client portal access

Securiforce is able to provide you with client portal access, allowing you to view the surveillance cameras in real-time from any internet-connected device. Accessing this portal is as simple as putting in a unique server address, username, and password. Boom. Your in.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence allows our security operators the ability to track both visual and data elements of your site. Whether it is regular cleaners coming to your site, employees working on off days or service calls, Securiforce is able to keep note on your account regarding all these types of activities. This reduces the probability of false alarms and dispatches.

Types of Video Analytics we utilize:

Intrusion-detection analytics can identify and track individual objects including humans and vehicles as soon as they enter an area that is being monitored.

Line-cross detection analytics are generally used in situations where intrusion-detection is not as viable. These can include construction sites that do not have a clear line of site, dense buildings, or complexes. Line-cross detection allows the software to trigger an event as soon as a vehicle or person passes the virtual line. It is a good method of keeping the exterior perimeter secure.

Advantages of
using Analytics

  • Help reduce/eliminate security guard costs
  • Optimize operational processes by creating customized rules and scripts
  • Stop threats in advance using direction, object tracking and loitering analytic
  • Cannot be intimidated
  • Does not fall asleep

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