Thermal Imaging

Thermal cameras are an excellent choice for properties where the risk of fire is higher than average. These can include Forestry companies, Lumber yards, Recycling plants and many other industrial businesses.

Using advanced video content analysis, Securiforce smart thermal imaging cameras can detect the heat an object radiates and can see things that the human eye cannot. It is then able to analyze and look for any heat that breaks the temperature guidelines set in the system. This allows for an effective and quick response to fires before they are detectable to humans, reducing damage and inventory shrinkage.

Thermal cameras can also be used in situations where lighting is minimal and strobe lights cannot be utilized (for example, dense residential setting). Combining video analytics with thermal cameras allows operators to quickly and effectively detect suspicious activity.

Benefits of Thermal Cameras:
1. Longer detection ranges
2. Works in very low light situations
3. Improve overall coverage
4. Unaffected by weather
5. Allow for emergency professionals to neutralize fires before humans can detect it
6. Clear quality images


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