In-House Alarm Response

At Securiforce, we go the extra mile to ensure your peace of mind and provide unparalleled security solutions. Unlike other companies offering monitored surveillance services, we understand the importance of physically verifying and documenting the site after an intrusion event has been deterred. That’s why we always attend verified alarms with our dedicated mobile patrol units, within select regions of British Columbia and Alberta.

When an alarm is triggered at your premises, our highly trained mobile patrol unit responds promptly to the scene. Their presence ensures that the alarm event is thoroughly investigated and validated, leaving no room for uncertainty. By physically verifying the site, we not only confirm the validity of the alarm but also assess any potential vulnerabilities or risks that may require attention.

Our mobile patrol unit meticulously documents their observations, actions taken, and any pertinent findings. This comprehensive documentation serves as a valuable reference for future reference and analysis. Moreover, it provides you with a clear understanding of the incident, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your security measures.

By attending verified alarms and providing detailed documentation, Securiforce sets a new standard in monitored video surveillance. We prioritize the physical presence and hands-on approach, ensuring that no potential threat goes unchecked. Our commitment to excellence and thoroughness distinguishes us from other monitoring companies that rely solely on remote surveillance, without physically verifying and documenting the site.

Choose Securiforce as your monitored video surveillance provider and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your premises are safeguarded by a diligent and attentive team. Trust in our expertise and dedication to providing you with the highest level of security services available.


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