Mobile Patrol Services

Securiforce has a dedicated Mobile Security Division operating 24 hours a day, in both British Columbia and Alberta. We utilize the latest technology to view real-time locations, in addition to the speed and idling time of all our drivers. As a result, we can dispatch the closest unit to an alarm, which functions to quicken our response time. Our mobile security officers have a wealth of industry experience and is accompanied by a clean driving record. Our mobile security officers are entrusted to actively patrol a variety of locations, while also adhering to all the site protocols and monitoring any signs of suspicious activity. Patrols can be randomized or scheduled on an hourly basis at the request of the client.

Minimum Requirements to be a Mobile Patrol Officer:

  • Security Guard Experience (1-year minimum)
  • Valid Security Worker License
  • Clean Driving Record

Benefits of using Mobile Patrol Services:

  • 24-hour Alarm Response Services
  • GPS Enabled Vehicles: Provides analytics on driver efficiency and route optimization.
  • Enhanced Site Monitoring: Provides large sites with additional support from mobile officers, which deters and reduces the risk of security breaches.


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