Mobile Video Monitoring

In our 20 years of providing security solutions for our valued customers, Securiforce realizes that some construction sites have special concerns and circumstances. Remote environments pose unique security challenges. This is the case where posting a security guard is difficult and monitoring is not feasible due to lack of resources such as internet or power.
We have handled hundreds of these scenarios and know that each client has unique security concerns and desires.
Our flexibility in all of our services provide solutions for all kinds of requirements. Remote locations is no exception as Securiforce has built a system that can be mounted to any structure (I.E. Site trailers, Metal poles, etc.). This allows maximum security protection when it is needed most and where it is least expected.

The challenges of effectively securing large and complex construction sites are numerous and varied. This is attributed to fluid and dynamic nature of work, inconsistent or unstable power, dim lighting, and weather concerns. Our Mobile Video Monitoring box provides an effective and economical solution to overcome these challenges with a comprehensive and total package designed to meet the requirements of these remote and challenging environments.

We promise that our systems will reflect the highest quality standards and promote your specific and important security approach.

Key features of the Mobile video monitoring solution:


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